Tripoli Shrine Circus

Tripoli Shrine Circus

Last night we went to see the Tripoli Shrine Circus in downtown Milwaukee. It was held at the US Cellular Arena and we had a great time. We got there about an hour before it started. Before the show and during intermission, you can come down into the arena and ride ponies or elephants and get your program signed by the Shrine clowns. AJ and Erin got to ride on an elephant and talked with many clowns.

They were many great acts during the show. We saw a lion and 12 tigers, two different elephant acts, monkeys, and dogs. Additionally, there were many things that went on above the ring that were quite amazing. The highlight of the night were six men on motorcycles riding around in a steel cage.


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  1. will thomas Says:

    I was at this Circus, trying to collect money from the producer George Carden. George Carden owes everybody money, he has no scruples,and is a nasty, ugly person.

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