Now that was odd

Last night, I decided to see the The Amorous Ambassador at Sunset Playhouse. At around 5:45pm, I called the box office to see if I could get a ticket. After the automated system transferred me to live person, an out-of-breath voice came on the line and asked if they could help me. I indicated that I was looking for a ticket for the show and individual responded with “Hold on, I have to get something heavy off my lap.” I have to say, of all the things I had expected to hear, that wasn’t one of them. Maybe it was just funny to me, but I had a hard time containing my laughter for the duration of the call.


2 Responses to “Now that was odd”

  1. Miss Nikki Says:

    “something heavy”…
    Could have been ANY old thing, really. An anvil (like from the cartoons), a lap full of volumes of books, a lap full of cooked books (a la The Producers), a corpse, I mean anything really. It doesn’t HAVE to be bad!

  2. Kurt Says:

    I agree… It could have been any old thing. BUT, then why was she so out of breath. Holding something on your lap doesn’t “normally” make you breathless… unless it is something that you are exercising with or it is something that is getting you excited… like a several gallons of ice cream.

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