The Dreaded Review

Merriman and the Dog Cart Driver

The review of our show appeared in the Waukesha Freeman yesterday. It was a fair review. It was neither extremely positive nor crushingly negative. To be honest, the author really isn’t a reviewer but more of a reporter. She normally uses two-thirds to three-quarters of the review to summarize the entire action of the play. I don’t know why anyone would need to see the play after reading the review. She then uses the last few paragraphs to actually critique the performance.

I understand that reviews are subjective by nature and I have no issue with people presenting their own opinions. I do, however, find fault with a reviewer that gets the actual facts wrong. In the review, she refers to the butlers by name (one of which is supposed to be me). However, the names that she quotes refer to the two people in the adjacent picture. I think that if you are to go to the effort of calling someone out by name, please make sure that you have the right name. I have seen this in many of her other reviews for the Waukesha Freeman. One would think that the paper would employ the services of a fact checker in other areas that could be used to help out the reviewers.

As an aside, I believe Corey to a great actor and I enjoy his portrayal of the Gardener and the Dog Cart Driver. I don’t mean to diminish his mention in the review.


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  1. Nikki Says:

    Yeah, you got the shaft, man. I’m sorry. And of course Corey is wonderful, but yes, you did basically get slapped.
    Does it feel weird to anyone else that we have so many days apart after such a string of togetherness? Just a thought…
    See you tomorrow…

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