There is a Reason for the Goatee

Me… and without my beard

In order to re-grow my goatee properly, I had to shave it all off last night. This is only the second time in over six years that I haven’t had facial hair. The first time was in February, after Arsenic and Old Lace (in which I sported a bushy mustache). As you can see by the adjacent picture, there is just way too much skin on that face to not have some of it covered up by something. A paper bag is always an option but sometimes it’s hard to breathe and they get really wet in the shower. By the end of the week I hope that enough of it has grown in that I won’t frighten the neighbor children anymore.


2 Responses to “There is a Reason for the Goatee”

  1. Ruth Says:

    When my dad shaved off his beard when my siblings were 2 and 4 they freaked out! They wouldn’t go anywhere near him at first, and then when they finally would they asked him “where did your beards go?” my sister, 2, demanded that he open his mouth to prove to her that he had not simply “pushed his beards back in.” *shudders* Gross, man… :P

  2. Nikki Says:

    Yeah, when my dad shaved his beard when I was 5 it freaked me out. Kurt, man… it’s… “different”. :)

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