Fifth Grade Band Concert

The band members of the four elementary schools in our school district got together last night for their Spring Concert. There were 150 members in the band and it played 5 songs together as a group. In between those songs were 40 solo or small ensemble performances. A.J. didn’t have a solo or ensemble piece to perform. Considering that most of these kids couldn’t read music well or play an instrument in September, they did really well. The concert took about an hour and was held at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. I really like that theatre. It is a 750 seat auditorium. It is a great place for events like this. Erin’s dance recital the last few years has been there as well.


2 Responses to “Fifth Grade Band Concert”

  1. Nicole Says:

    What… did you fall off the face of the planet? :)

  2. Nicole Says:

    Oh no you didn’t!

    Let’s just take this OUTSIDE, shall we?!??

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