Quiche of the Day

Man, I love my job. Well, actually I like what I do a lot but I love my place of employment even more. We have always had free lunch. Good lunch, too. There is also free coffee, soda, juice, and M&Ms in the break rooms. Additionally, we have bagels, toast, pop tarts, and cereal available in the cafeteria in the early morning. About four months ago, they started a program where they began serving smoothies from 9 to 11. There are two flavors; one berry and one that changes each week. I’m not a big smoothie drinker. I had a couple when they first started making them but none since then. Today, they started testing out the Quiche of the Day. I’m not sure when they will be available but probably in the mornings. Today’s quiche had chicken, mushrooms, peppers, two types of cheese, and other stuff. Boy, it was good. I’m starting to rethink my bowl of cereal at home before work. I see no reason to eat at home when the options at work are so much better. … and they are FREE!!!


2 Responses to “Quiche of the Day”

  1. Vinny Carpenter Says:

    :) I don’t think this is going to help my diet. Between the peanut-butter-chocolate smoothies, the awesome lunch and now the quiche, I think I am going to gain about 50 lbs this year. Gotta start working out with you Jeff at lunch.

  2. Miss Nikki Says:

    With all these perks one would wonder if you’re employed by the city!

    Tee hee…
    (spoken by the child of a retired city employee)

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