Whose Wives Are They Anyway?

Last night, Kristi and I went to see Whose Wives Are They Anyway? at Waukesha Civic Theatre. It was an extremely good time. The show was very funny. There were times when the audience was laughing so much that you couldn’t hear some of the dialogue. As an actor, you should always pause for the laughs to start to taper off before continuing. But, in this case, there so much laughter that it would have looked really strange to wait that long. The entire cast did a superb job. Kristi liked the timing and delivery of the actor that played Wilson (Joe Schulein). I enjoyed the many different ways that Tina (Ruth Arnell) got out of bed while she was drunk. Of course, everyone enjoys seeing Matthew J. Patten in drag, especially those lime green pumps.

If you have some time next weekend, stop out to the theatre and see the show. There are four shows left next weekend; 8pm on Friday, 2pm and 8pm or Saturday, and 2pm on Sunday


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