Swimming Pool

On Friday night, we made a family trip out to Toys R Us and picked up a swimming pool. This is not your ordinary plastic wading pool that a couple of toddlers can splash around in. We purchased a 15′ x 42″ Intex Easy Set Pool. Kristi and I set it up on Saturday morning and it took until almost noon on Sunday to fill it up with water from the hose. It holds just over 3,000 gallons of water. It didn’t take long for the algae to start growing.

Just after noon on Sunday, we made another family trip out to the local pool store. Prior to adding the chemicals, we all got in and splashed around at about 4pm. The water was still pretty cold so we didn’t stay in long. It may take a little extra work to keep clean but I think that we are going to have a great time in the pool this summer. I’m already looking forward to coming home from work on a hot day and dropping in the pool to cool off.


2 Responses to “Swimming Pool”

  1. Miss Nikki Says:

    And where exactly do you live? I have a swimsuit… I could sneak into your yard and swim while you guys are sleeping, you’ll never know… Except that I just told you… Rats.

    And WHERE did you two disappear to so quickly Saturday night?!?

  2. Kurt Says:

    We had to get home so that we could take the sitter home. I can’t wait until A.J. turns 12. Then we can stay out after the show and won’t have to hurry home.

    The ladder for the pool is locked up in the sun room. If you want to swim while we are sleeping, you’ll have to find a way to vault yourself into and out of the pool. If you can do that, go for it.

    … and if you are swimming while we are sleeping, why do you need a swimsuit???

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