The Dance Tracks Spring Recital

Erin at her Dance Recital, 2007

The Dance Tracks Spring Recital took place at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center on Friday and Saturday nights. The theme of the recital was An Around-the-World Treasure Hunt. Most of the classes had some sort of pirate, treasure, or sailing related dance. Kristi helped out at the recital both nights. A.J. and I saw show on Saturday night. Everyone involved did a superb job. It is amazing to see the amount of effort put forth by all the kids. Erin was in Ballet I/II this year and the five girls in that class really danced well together. This was Erin’s fourth recital with Dance Tracks. She has been dancing there for five years. She really does a great job with her dancing and it makes me very proud when I watch her dance.


2 Responses to “The Dance Tracks Spring Recital”

  1. dasportsguy Says:

    Josie would love that purple dress! A prima ballerina in the making!

  2. Nicole Says:

    That’s pretty stinkin cute… And does that dress come in my size? It’s adorable!
    What’s your email? I don’t have the Earnest contact list anymore and I have a blog question for you…

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