Last Saturday, Kristi, the kids, and I went to see Oliver! at Theatre on Main in Oconomowoc. As you will recall, A.J. was in a show there earlier this year. Many of the kids that appeared in this show were also in the show he was in. A.J. was able to talk with many of them after the show. I applaud the efforts of everyone involved in the show. They did a good job.

Theatre on Main has only been around for two years. Their shows are good and worth the money. Theatre critics and purists may disagree with me but everyone has to start somewhere. I wouldn’t try to compare them to the established community theatres in the area that have been around for 50+ years. The space is small presents many challenges to a truly professional production. That being said everyone works really hard and that effort shows.

We even decided to support the theatre by purchasing a “commemorative brick” that will eventually be placed in the front sidewalk. If you get to the theatre, look for ours. It says Dramagoons.


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