The Order of the Phoenix

On Sunday, A.J. and I went to see the latest Harry Potter film at the Marcus Majestic in Brookfield. We saw the film on one of the theater’s two UltraScreens. The theater is new and very nice. We learned a valuable lesson about arriving early at the UltraScreen. We got to the theater about 20 minutes before movie and it was already packed. We ended up sitting about 6 rows back from the screen. With a normal screen, that really isn’t a problem. When you are that close to a 72′ screen you end up practically moving your head back and forth to see all the action.

A.J. have read all of the Harry Potter books and seen all of the movies as they have come out. We were pretty disappointed with this movie. The movie was all action and very little plot. If you didn’t know the story, it would be very hard to follow. In defense of the filmmakers, the book was extremely long and detailed. To do it justice, the movie would have needed to be at least 6 hours long. The audio book reading of the story takes 27 hours. That being said, the stuff that was included was watered down or completely different from the book. Maybe it was my closeness to the large screen but it seemed like things flew back and forth on the screen so much that you couldn’t really tell what they were.

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