It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Last night was our first rehearsal for And Then There Were None. I walked in the door about 10 minutes before rehearsal was supposed to start and the director said “Hey Kurt, can I talk to you over here for a moment.” Uh, oh, that can’t be good. I figured my 8 line part was going to get cut in half. It actually turned out to be a good thing. The person that had accepted the part of Rogers (the butler) had to back out and she wanted to know if I would take the part. It was a hard decision; a cameo appearance of about 5 minutes at the very beginning of the show versus a role that keeps my on stage for much of the first act and some of the second. So now I get to play an English butler… again.

Rehearsal was good. It seems like a fun cast and crew. We read through the script. It is a murder mystery and therefore a drama, but there was much laughing at the language of the play. I’m sure we’ll get over that soon.


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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    Kudos on the bigger part! This is a show I’m going to have to find some time to see. I loved the book when I read it in high school. It was one of the few mandatory things we had to read that I liked. I even liked the film version of it. Plus, the Wilson center is within walking distance of my house so I don’t have a lot of excuses :)

  2. Nikki Says:

    Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been checking things… And I see you’re a butler again! Congrats on the promotion! Glad to hear you’re having fun at rehearsal! When do you open? I’d love to come!

  3. Ruth Says:

    Hey- congrats, man! I think I’m heading over to see that when it runs- that’s so cool that I’ll see you in it! Who all were you cast with? Heard lots of rumblings of who might be auditioning, who might not be, never found out who actually *did*! Congrats again, Kurt. Hope you have a blast :D

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