At The Bristol Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire in Bristol was the place to be on Saturday. Well, it was for our family anyway. We had gone once last year and enjoyed it so much that we decided to go in period costume this year. This was scout weekend and scouts and their families got in at reduced rate. We’ve been planning on this weekend all summer. The forecast called for afternoon rain and we hoped and prayed that it would hold off long enough for us to have a good time. I took a bunch of pictures while we were there. You can see them at my Flickr site.

Taking a Break

We arrived in time to see the opening ceremonies at the front gate. This is the 20th year for the faire and the theme this year is Feaste of Fooles. Before lunch, we spent time looking at the shops and the kids dug in the Dig Pit for treasure like they did last year. They also participated in a game with Robyn Hood and the Lord High Sheriff in the Kids Kingdom. The game resulted in the Lord High Sheriff skulking away in a dress acting like a squid. It started to sprinkle around noon and we took the opportunity to run back out to the car for lunch.

Jane the Phoole

It sprinkled on and off the rest of the afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon at shows. First, we caught the Royal Spectacle of Fooles featuring the Queen and Jane the Phoole. After that, we got to see Dirk and Guido, the Swordsmen. Their show is very entertaining. There was a lot of swordplay and humor involved. They even attempted to transform several of the men in the audience into renaissance men. I’m not sure that they were completely successful. Our last show of the day was Broon! I swear I almost wet my pants, he was so funny. He is a magician/comedian with some incredible wit. If I had ever seen him before, we may not have stayed for the show. His humor is amazing but laced with comments not completely appropriate for the younger set. Luckily, most of it went whizzing over their heads.

We finished the day by buying a few trinkets on the way out. As we were walking out, the rain started to really come down. Almost near perfect timing. On the way home, we all talked about how much we want to come back again next year.


3 Responses to “Huzzah!”

  1. dasportsguy Says:

    Very nice costumes indeed! Well done. Except I can’t see the shoes :)

  2. Nikki Says:

    Hey! I love Ren Faire, and Dirk and Guido are too fun! My friends actually got engaged during one of their shows, it was fantastic. Your family is so great in those costumes, too. Looks like ya had fun, and I can’t blame ya :) Take care

  3. Kurt Says:

    The swordsmen were very funny but if haven’t seen Broon yet, you should. He has this irreverent sort of humor, almost cynical in nature. I forgot to mention this whip cracking show we saw. He was amazing too. He took the cork off the top of a jug with the whip. It was cool.

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