A.C.T. Summer Showcase

A.J. and Erin participated in classes with the Academy at Civic Theatre (A.C.T.) at Waukesha Civic Theatre during the last two weeks. A.J. took the “Marvelous Musicals!” class. They learned some songs from Mary Poppins and also worked on the choreography for those songs. Erin took the “Dance Fever” class. They worked on dancing and also sang a song from The Sound of Music.

In order to show what they learned in the last two weeks, all the classes participated in putting on two shows on Saturday. The kids spent all day on Friday in final dress rehearsals and then performed a 10am show and a 1pm show on Saturday. All the kids in the show did a fantastic job. I was very proud of A.J. and Erin especially. They both sang out with enthusiam and they moved with grace as they danced. If they choose to continue with participating in theatre activities they will both do very well.

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  1. Ruth Says:

    These pictures are great! That’s so awesome how you and Kristi do so much to let your kids get out there and try these things. They’re going to have so many fun summer memories as they head back to school this fall :D

  2. Nikki Says:

    I passed along your (and AJ’s) hi to Mike! He smiled and says hi back. He’s really smart, that one. But thanks to him I have a lot of… lap gymnastics (?) to do… ha.

    And whaddaya mean “break a leg”???!?? You’re coming, aren’t you???

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