First Day of School

Today is the first day back to school for A.J. and Erin. It is also the first school day that they won’t be in school together. I dropped A.J. off at middle school this morning on my way to work. Erin starts third grade today at elementary school. She has the same teacher A.J. had for third grade. After today, the kids will take the bus. There is an hour and a half difference between there bus pick ups. The middle school students start quite a bit earlier in the day.

I was amazed at A.J. this morning. When he was much younger, he was always nervous on the first day of school. If he was today, he didn’t show it much. He gave me a high five, hopped out of the Jeep and took off for the Gym. He is really growing up.

I can’t wait to talk with both of them tonight. I’m sure they will be talking a mile a minute; excited about everything that has happened today.


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