Johnny Appleseed

My aunt has been going through old photos and clippings lately and if she finds something she thinks I might want, she sends it to me. She sent me this clipping from the Appleton Post-Crescent. As you can see from the date on the photo (March 7, 1975), I’ve been a closet thespian for a very long time. She thought I would want this reminder of earlier performances now that I am acting again.

Look at the craftsmanship of those authentic costumes. The tinfoil covered plastic ice cream bucket was supposed to represent the pot that Johnny Appleseed used to wear on his head. We had several cardboard apple trees and you can barely make out our old radio flyer wagon converted into the covered wagon used by the settlers going west. We even had a cardboard cabin that had cardboard flames that you could flip up from the back for the scene where the settlers are being chased off by the Indians.

I’m sure that, to some, it looks pretty hokey. But to me, at that time, I felt like the star in a Broadway production. Thanks, Aunt Helen, for bringing back those wonderful memories.

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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    That is really pretty cool. You gotta love the ingenuity and creativity of youth and the pride associated with it.

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