And Then There Were None

Literally. There are no more performances. We finished up the final three shows of the run this weekend. I thought all three shows went really well. I will agree with one of my fellow actors in saying that it wasn’t the most polished show that I’ve been associated with but it was a whole lot of fun. I really enjoyed what the entire cast brought to the table. Each of one of us brought something slightly different to our character and it made for a very interesting show.

Today is the day that I hate the most when doing a show. We finished up last night and struck the set after the last show. After that, the stage manager had a cast party at her house. It was a whole lot of fun. Today, however, I have this big empty spot. I’ve been living this play since July 25th and now it is over. I am sure that in an a few days my attention will turn to something new and I won’t give the show another thought.

I want thank all of the members of the cast and crew for allowing me to play with them. You are a great bunch of folks. I can’t wait to get up on stage with you again.


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