As some of you know I am a software engineer for a financial services company. We are a small to mid-size company and as such we don’t have a very large IT organization. That means that most of us developers are the sole person supporting our applications. Last night, some of the individuals that work in our San Francisco office during the night had an issue with the application I support.

My cell phone sits on my nightstand next to my bed and it started ringing at 1:20 am last night. I don’t mind this part of my job because it doesn’t happen that often and resolution doesn’t take that long. I have to say, however, that when my phone goes off at that time, my brain doesn’t truly doesn’t function in time to actually answer the call. I jumped up and knocked my cell phone and cordless phone onto the floor. I sat there for several minutes before realizing what was happening. Luckily the caller was smart enough to leave a voice mail.

As it was, I was back in bed and on my way dreamland by just after 2 am. The ironic part of the whole situation is that issue wasn’t related to my application but instead to a poor network connection between here and the other site.


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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    Very nice description that gives an awesome visual — and a very funny one at that! Unfortunately, I’ve been there and it never seems as funny in the moment as it does the next day.

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