The Taffetas

A.J. and I went to see The Taffetas at Waukesha Civic Theatre last night. It was very entertaining. The premise of the show is that you are a member of the studio audience for a 1950’s television show called “Spotlight on Music.” The featured musical guest for this evening’s show is a female quartet called “The Taffetas.” Obviously, the majority of the show is singing by these four lovely women. In between songs, the ladies tell us a little about their childhood, how they got started, and how their personal lives are going currently, all spiced with a little humor. They also perform in a commercial for “Galaxy” beauty supplies just like they would have done in the middle of a show in the 50’s.

One of the four women, Donna, is played by Roberta Prospeck. She also played A.J.’s mother in Music Man. She and the other three have wonderful voices and they were fun to watch. The two stage hands that pop in and out from time to time were played by Eric Eggers and Ed Carroll. A.J. has been on stage with Eric and I’ve worked with Ed before.

I am by no means a theatre critic but I think it is a great show and very well cast. The humor may be over the heads of the younger crowd, but the rest of the show will make up for it even if you don’t recognize the songs.


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