Hard Drives *#@!?!

When I purchased my computer last year, I made the computer I had been using the family/kids computer. It is a 5 year ago Gateway and has worked fabulously since we got it. Yesterday morning, A.J. was playing an on-line game called MapleStory when the computer locked up. The music continued to play but the screen had frozen. Being impatient, instead of waiting to see if it would resolve itself, I held down the power button until the computer powered off. I turned it on and returned to what I was doing. That was until A.J. said something like “Oh look, it’s the blue screen of death!” Sure enough, the computer had blue screened. I recycled the power again. This time I didn’t get past the “Primary Master Hard Drive Error” message on the boot screen.

I called Gateway and they informed me that the PC was beyond its warranty and I could pay for service or contact a web-chat representative. After a 40 minute web-chat with someone at Gateway that I explained the issue to three different times, was instructed to reseat the hard drive, and to start up in safe mode, I was informed that the 20 GB hard drive that had come with the computer was dead and I should go buy a new one. Well, duh!!!!

So yesterday afternoon purchased the smallest, cheapest hard drive the Best Buy had. As it was, the smallest drive I could find was 160 GB; eight times bigger than what it had originally. I spent the rest of the day and evening formatting and re-installing all the necessary software.

Peace and harmony have been restored to household. Luckily, nothing important was kept on that machine. It did, however, remind me that hard drives do in fact crash. It is wise to back-up important information every once in a while just in case.

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