The Da Vinci Code

Kristi and I rented The Da Vinci Code last week. We had both read the book previously and although it didn’t get great reviews, we had wanted to see the movie. Big Mistake! Big! Huge!! I knew that with the book being as long as it was that they would have to cut a lot of the content and I was okay with that. However, I was very disappointed with the stuff that they kept in the movie. The movie has been out for more than a year. Out of respect for those that haven’t seen it yet, I will place my ranting below the cut.

To begin with, the scenes in the Louvre were just messed up. First, Silas never tells Saunière that heard the same explanation from the other three that he killed just before shooting him. That is the whole basis behind him leaving the clues for Langdon and Sophie. Second, it was too bright and he wasn’t supposed to be found close to the entrance. In the book, the guards arrived moments after he was shot but wouldn’t be able to lift the gates for while. They could here him moving around it the back of the gallery but could not tell what he was doing because of the darkness. Finally, they had Langdon solve all the anagram clues. What’s up with that? Sophie is a cryptologist and that has been trained her whole life by her grandfather to solve these kind of puzzles. Is Hollywood that sexist that they have to have the big, strong, college professor solve the clues to save the helpless police cryptologist? That just doesn’t make sense.

I could go on forever detailing the strange things in the movie, but that would take too long. I will mention a few more things I found to be odd. Langdon and Sophie walk through a dangerous park at night. Then she approaches a crackhead and offers him 50 euros to leave. Is any of that even remotely believable? The ending of the movie is such a departure from the book that I don’t even know where to begin. I do have one final question. Do they really allow you to walk on the inverted pyramid above the lobby of the Louvre in the middle of the night?


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