The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Theatre On Main, Falls Patio Players, and Waukesha Civic Theatre are all staging the The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this year. If you like that show, there should be no reason why you couldn’t be able to see it this year. Now if you want to see THE BEST version of that show, I would suggest that you go to the one at WCT. A.J., Erin, and I all auditioned earlier this week for the show. The director called us this morning. A.J. accepted the role of Charlie, Erin will be a member of the Angel Choir, and I will playing the role of one of the two Firemen.

There are several reasons why this is going to be very special for us. This is Erin’s first community theatre show. Hooray for Erin!!! This is the third year in a row that A.J. has been involved in a play at WCT during his birthday. And this is the first show where any of us (much less all 3 of us) have been in the show together.

I’m sure that Kristi is grinning from ear-to-ear at the thought that we will all be gone at the same time for many nights during the next few weeks. Knowing her, she won’t take this time to relax and have some “me” time. She will undoubtedly use this time to catch up on many things. I’m sure she will put in many hours assisting in running lines and other support tasks for the rest of us.


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