The Melting Pot

Kristi and I went out for dinner tonight at The Melting Pot in Brookfield. It is a fondue restaurant and it was fantastic. It was a little pricey (luckily, we had a gift certificate from a very nice person) but well worth the expense. About 15 years ago, we had gone to La Fondue in Royal Oak, Michigan. It was the only other time we went to a fondue restaurant. I remember that we smelled very greasy after that dinner because of all the boiling oil in the restaurant. I don’t know if it because they seem to encourage the broth over the oil at The Melting Pot but my clothes don’t smell like they did at the other restaurant.

We started out with the Traditional Swiss Cheese fondue with bread, apples, and vegetables. We followed that up with some delicious salads. I had the Caesar. The main course consisted of several types of meat, pork, chicken, and shrimp cooked in the Coq au Vin style. We finished that all up with the Raspberry Dark Chocolate fondue. Everything was fabulous. The wait staff was very nice. We were never rushed. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the entire meal.

The only negative aspect is that you need to plan a head to get a reservation. Several weeks ago, we called on a Wednesday for a Saturday reservation and they could only accommodate a very late seating. The same thing happened the next week as well. We finally ended up booking a reservation more than a week out in order to get the time we wanted.


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  1. Ruth Says:

    I have always wanted to eat there– you are so lucky!!

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