We went to see Enchanted, Disney’s newest princess film, at the Marcus Majestic on Friday. It is a wonderful film. It referenced many of the other princess movies in various ways and although it seemed like it would be a parody of them, it wasn’t. It has its own unique brand of Happily-Ever-After that you haven’t seen before. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you any of the plot but they did a fantastic job of blending the animation and the live action. Better than the classics of Bednobs and Broomsticks and Mary Poppins. I will suggest that you not wait for it to come out on DVD. Go see it in the theater.

And speaking of seeing it in the theater, we saw it on the Ultrascreen at the Majestic and we paid the extra cash to get the VIP seats. We were in the front row of the VIP seats which are at the back of the theater. These seats are very similar to the standard Midwest Airlines seats. They have an amazing amount of walking space between rows and between every two seats there is a large platform for you to set popcorn, soda, and other items on. Each seat gets a free bucket of popcorn. It really makes for a fabulous movie experience. We don’t go to movies that often, so we didn’t mind the extra money. It will make seeing a movie in the regular seats very difficult from now on.


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