The Run is Half Over

Six shows down and five to go. Things have been going really well. Last night we had a special “Donor Night” performance for all the people that donate to theatre. We played to a nearly packed house. It was a good audience to play to. Being donors, they seemed more appreciative. I heard many more positive comments from exiting audience members after the show than I have heard at other performances.

The review is out. Apparently, Julie McHale of the Waukesha Freeman was too busy going to shows at the Rep last weekend to attend a hometown production. Luckily, Russ Bickerstaff reviewed the show for the Shepherd Express. I am not familiar with how he normally reviews but it seems to be a good albeit short review. He doesn’t necessarily rave but also doesn’t have any negative comments either. A.J. seems to have weaseled his way into another review. “… Charlie talks to his parents without prying any attention away from a home video game he’s playing” refers to the character that A.J. plays. You can see the entire review here.


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