There was no way we were going to stay inside today with all this wonderful snow outside. This afternoon, we put on our warm winter-wear and threw our snowshoes in the back of the van and headed out to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center for a wonderful walk in woods. Erin was very interested in going off trail and “exploring.” Kristi and A.J. seemed to have an ongoing snow fight going on throughout our hike. The weather was perfect and the view of our surroundings was spectacular.

The last time we had enough snow on the ground with good snowshoeing weather coupled with an available opportunity on our part was almost three years ago. As we were getting ready today, I noticed that A.J. has outgrown his snowshoes. It wasn’t a big concern today because we were on packed trails. I guess if the weather stays like it is, we will probably have to get some new “shoes” for him.


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