Beja Shrine Circus

Yesterday, we drove up to Green Bay to attend the Beja Shrine Circus at the Brown Country Arena. We went to the Tripoli Shrine Circus in Milwaukee last year and the year before. A few weeks ago, my dad said that he had purchased tickets to the circus in Green Bay and we could use them if we wanted. He and I are members of Beja Shrine and he supports the circus each year by purchasing tickets. It is the same circus that we get here in Milwaukee, just a week later. So we decided to see the circus and visit with my folks all in one visit.

The circus was excellent. I am always amazed by the abilities of the circus performers and animals. Unfortunately, the acts do not change much year after year. I have to admit that after three years of seeing mostly the same acts, the awesomeness wears off a little. The kids are still amazed and have fun so we will continue to go.

They changed it up this year by putting one more motorcycle rider inside the steel cage sphere. They are up to seven riders now (Wow!). The new act this year was a troupe of Romanian teeter board jumpers. They were pretty cool. They flipped one of their troupe to the top of a five-person high tower. The rhesus monkey act was missing this year as was the solo act by “Bo”, the elephant. He participated in the group elephant act only.


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