Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

On Saturday night, our family made another trip out to Theatre On Main in Oconomowoc to take in another wonderful night of theatre. Last year at this time A.J. performed in Guys and Dolls, Jr. at this theatre. The show we saw was Alice in Wonderland, Jr. The director, Lisa Muehlbaur, is to be commended for putting on another fine show. As this theatre grows, the shows there are getting better and better. All of the kids did a fantastic job. The stand-out performance of the night goes to the girl that played the caterpillar. She stole the show every time she came on stage.

One of the nicest things about Theatre On Main is that they give more opportunities to kids. Each year, at this time, they put on a show from the Broadway Junior series. These shows are for all kid casts. Many of the other community theatres in the area only incorporate children minimally. They add them in the one musical each season and they might have one additional show that has a couple of kids in it.


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