It is Theatre Time Again

On Monday and Tuesday night, A.J. went to auditions for Over The Tavern at Waukesha Civic Theatre. At the end of auditions on Tuesday night, the director offered him the part of Rudy, the 12 year old boy that the play centers around. It is probably the biggest part that he has ever gotten in terms of lines to learn. From what I know of my son, he is certainly up to the task and will do a phenomenal job. Of course, there is a bit of fatherly pride in that statement, but just a bit.

He is fortunate that he will be directed by Brian Zelinski. A.J and Brian worked together as fellow actors in Lost In Yonkers in June, 2006. It is always nice to work with someone that you have worked with in the past. He also gets to work with Inge Adams who got the part of Sister Clarissa. Inge and I were husband and wife in And Then There Were None last September. The theatre community in this area sure is a tight knit group. You are sure to bump into at least one person that you know in almost every production in which you participate.

On a side note, I was hoping to be able to play A.J.’s dad in the show but unfortunately it was not to be. There are not that many opportunities where father and son can play opposite each other in those roles. Hopefully, the next time we can audition together, we will both get parts.

Congratulations A.J. and knock’em dead.


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