Spitzer Resigns!!!

I have held back on commenting on the “Client #9” scandal because there is not much more to be said. But now he has resigned. Eliot Spitzer was instrumental in ruining one of my previous employers, Strong Capital Management. Granted there were people at the company that were involved in wrong doing and deserved to be caught. But Spitzer decided to make an example of Strong and by doing so destroyed the company and many people lost their jobs. It is interesting that only company to be completely destroyed by his routing out of evil on Wall Street was a non-New York based company. If you want to be governor of New York, you shouldn’t cause people to loss their jobs in your home state.

It amazes me that a guy that made a practice of finding corruption wouldn’t be careful in his own dealings. Moving large amounts of money around attracts the attention of law enforcement because of rules he put in place as Attorney General of New York yet that is how he got caught. This article indicates that he may have spent up to $80,000 on a “high-priced escort service”. $80,000!!!! What was this guy thinking? I hate to see anyone’s life destroyed. But I guess that when you are such hypocrite, you get what you deserve.


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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    $80k, can you believe that? I could pay off my mortgage with that money! I might — I said might mind you — feel the slightest bit of sympathy for him if he had shown the slightest bit of sympathy for all the lives he ruined climbing to the top of the New York political ladder. But, he didn’t, so I’ll reserve my sympathy for his wife and 3 daughters.

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