It’s Snowing… AGAIN!!!

This post is for Aunt Helen and Uncle Ken. Stay in Florida! We are apparently not ready for you yet.

According to the Winter Storm Warning posted on the Weather Channel website, we can expect 8 to 15 inches of snow today. Ugghhh!!!! It is the end of March… two days before EASTER. We do not need anymore snow. As of earlier this week, we were on record with the fourth snowiest winter season on record with 84.5 inches. 10 more inches puts us in second place. That is really not a place I want to be.

It has been in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s for a couple of weeks. Most of the snow accumulation from this winter was gone. As I look out the window right now, it feels like two day before Christmas. The one, bright spot in this is the snow thrower I purchased in Mid-February. If I didn’t have that, I would have been out shoveling at least three times already today to make it a manageable task. I will probably go out soon just to clear the driveway a little and then finish it up after the snow stops later tonight.


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