The Dramagoons are doing simultaneous shows again. There is something about March for us. If you remember, last March, A.J. and I were in different shows at two different theatres and the shows overlapped two out of the three weeks. Well it is happening again. A.J.’s show, Over The Tavern, will be running from May 2 to May 18, 2008. I was just cast today in Shadowlands with Acacia Theatre Company and it will be running from May 9 to May 18, 2008.

I received an email from the director on Friday. It said that they needed to re-cast one of the roles and an individual that I had worked with in The Importance of Being Earnest suggested that she contact me. I auditioned last night and I was offered the part this morning. I will be playing multiple roles; Alan Gregg, a Doctor, and a Tea Room Waiter. It will be interesting to work with another theatre company again.

Last year, when A.J. and I were in simultaneous shows, Kristi and I vowed not to let it happen again as it was just too difficult to manage. I wasn’t even going to audition but Kristi insisted that the opportunity was too good to pass up and said that we would manage somehow. Next time, I need to try harder to get into the same show with A.J.


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