Our Trip to Mall of America

Nickelodeon Universe

Last Friday and Saturday, our family made our first trip to the Mall of America. We had decided mid-week that we needed to get away on a short vacation. Our options were limited at that point but we got a great deal on a hotel room near the Mall and decided to check it out. It was a good test run on the off chance that we decide to take a longer family “car trip” vacation this summer.

After checking into our hotel at about 3pm on Friday, we headed over to the Mall. We spent the first several minutes gawking at the size of the place. There was much discussion about whether we should check out the shops first or hang out in Nickelodeon Universe, the amusement park inside the Mall. The kids decided that they would rather do the amusement park the next morning. So Friday afternoon and evening, we checked out the stores, played miniature golf, had dinner in the food court, and went to see the most amazing sea aquarium, Underwater Adventures. They have this long glass tunnel that runs through several fish and shark tanks.

Erin and Megan McDonald

On Saturday morning, after the kids took a quick dip in the pool and we had a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and headed back to the Mall of America. Once there, we all got wristbands for the amusement park and then split up. Kristi and Erin spent most of the morning listening to Megan McDonald, the author of the Judy Moody books. There was a talk about how she writes the books, a Judy Moody trivia contest, a scavenger hunt, and a book signing. Meanwhile, A.J. and I tackled many of the roller coasters and various other rides in the amusement park.

Duff and Geof from Ace of Cakes

We all met up in the afternoon and rode the Ferris Wheel and several of the calmer rides. We took a slight break to hit a couple more stores and then we finished up with A.J. and I on the Log Chute (a water ride). On our way out, we saw Duff and Geof from Ace of Cakes frosting a giant cupcake for the Great American Bake Sale. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the energy to stay and watch the entire presentation.


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