All That Jazz

On Saturday, A.J. and I went to the Bob Kames Jazz Festival at the South Milwaukee PAC. While listening to Smooth Jazz 106.9, Kristi had heard that Chuck Mangione was going to be performing as part of the festival. Because Chuck is a Flugelhorn player, A.J. and I decided to go see him. While investigating the concert, I realized that this jazz festival was going to be a high school and middle school jazz competition. So we decided to go see part of that too.

We got there around 1pm. It was a really fun time. We saw three high school jazz bands compete and one middle school band. Here is a side question. Why do all school jazz bands where all black? Anyway… We also got to see a couple of local professional jazz bands: The No Tan Lines Band featuring Michael Drake and Streetlife with Warren Wiegratz.

The Chuck Mangione concert was awesome. We are both fans of his; A.J. more recently because of his interest in the trumpet. I have been a fan since I heard him play during the closing ceremonies of the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid. No, I wasn’t there, I saw him on TV. They played many of their familiar tunes as well as some new ones. Afterwards, we bought his latest CD and had him sign it for A.J. We experienced an entire day of great jazz!

On a sad note, Bob Kames, the author of the Chicken Dance and the person that started the foundation that benefited from this event, passed away on Wednesday. His son, Bob Kames, Jr., was the organizer of the event on Saturday. Our prayers go out to their family.


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