Mr. Bhaer

I haf been offert de part ov Mr. Bhaer… On Tuesday night, I received a call from the director of Little Women asking me to come to callbacks on Wednesday night. Callbacks went well. My initial assumption was that I had way too many conflicts to be cast so I just auditioned for the fun of it. I wasn’t nervous at all on Monday night but I found my being a little nervous last night once I realized I had a shot at a part.

I was hanging around in the hallway at the theatre after the callbacks waiting for A.J. to finish up his rehearsal for Over The Tavern, when the Little Women director came walking down the hall. When she realized I was still there, she pulled me aside and offered me the part. I accepted immediately. I also found out who they are planned to cast as Jo but can’t say because she hasn’t been told yet.
Update: OK, I can spill it now because she has been told. Jenny K. from The Importance of Being Earnest is going to be Jo.


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