The One in which I Rant Endlessly

If you do not wish to read my rant about rich, self-entitled parents and their rent-a-kids, stop reading now.

I have a thing against these families where both mom and dad work full-time so that they can have a 4,000 square foot house in the Megabucks Acres sub-division with 2 SUVs in the driveway and 2.5 kids that get whatever Mommy and Daddy will buy them to assuage their guilt about spending more time on the golf course and in tennis lessons than with their own kids. (Yes, I know it is a run-on sentence… bear with me) What is the point of having a family if you treat your kids like another possession to covet?

Here is the latest event to fuel my outrage. Kristi is the Girl Scout leader of Erin’s Brownie troop and she has been the leader for four years. Last night, all of the troops in the service unit participated in an outing at the Country Spring Water Park. Kristi and her co-leader arranged to get all of the girls there after school and to have adequate supervision while there were there. All the parents had to do was come and pick up their girls when the event was over. At the end of the night, Kristi and the two other parent helpers, rounded up the girls and corralled them into the locker room to change and then out to lobby to be picked up. Three adults to herd and keep track of 15 to 20 third grade girls.

After getting the last of the girls into the locker room, Kristi went to the lobby to check on the girls that had already finished changing when an irate father of one of the girls proceeded to loudly yell at her because she had left his daughter unattended in the lobby where she could have been carried off by some stranger. What a JERK! The lobby was filled with girls and their parents. It is not as if they had abandoned this girl on the side of a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. Have you not taught your third grade daughter what to do if approached by strangers? If someone had tried to take her against her will, they would have been stopped by a dozen or so people. In the four years that Kristi has led this group, this man has never come to pick up his daughter much less lifted a finger to help with the meetings. This guy has no right to judge or criticize the way Kristi is handling the troop unless he is willing to roll up his sleeves and pitch in.

I was a Cub Scout leader for four years. Scout leaders, both Boy and Girl, are volunteer positions. Most leaders spend a great deal of their own time and even there own money to ensure that the kids have a good time and learn something. It is a thankless job and a lot of work. Running a troop would so much easier if all of the parents would help just a little bit. But sadly, most of the parents are too busy watching someone wax their BMW to come out and help. My advice to this self-entitled prick is this. If you aren’t going to help then SHUT THE H*LL UP! And you better not yell at my wife again.


2 Responses to “The One in which I Rant Endlessly”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Great job with assuage, dude!

    And I’m with ya on the rest as well. Stupid people.

  2. kristi Says:

    I, of course, wholeheartedly agree, although I suspect that some of your more colorful language would not be entirely endorsed by the Girl Scouts of America.

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