My Date with a Princess

Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance

A week ago on Friday, Erin and I went to our last Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance. Erin won’t be continuing in Girl Scouts next year so this was the last one for us. As you can see, I wore my tux again and Erin was amazingly pretty, as always. We really enjoyed ourselves. Erin loves to dance and we danced quite a bit. Erin said hello to a couple of her friends and I acknowledged a couple of the Dads that I know, but we really spent the entire evening together.

I really enjoy getting to spend some special time with her. Many times when the four of are together on vacation or camping and we decide to do separate things, I go with A.J. and Kristi goes with Erin. I’m glad for opportunities like the dance to remind me to spend a little more time with Erin. We have agreed that even though there are no more Girl Scout dances for us to go to, we will plan to do something fancy, just the two of us, once or twice a year from now on.


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