Over the Tavern Opening Night

Opening night for A.J.’s latest show, Over the Tavern at Waukesha Civic Theatre, was Friday night. I got the opportunity to go to the show and it was fantastic. The entire cast did an amazing job. The show is about a twelve year boy in Catholic school in the fifties. He decides that he has had it with all of the religious rules and wants to “shop around” for a new religion. His father owns the tavern that they live over and is rather grumpy. It is incredibly funny.

A.J. is the twelve year old boy and the show revolves around him. It is the hardest show that he has done. As a proud Dad, I can say that he really stepped up to the challenge and has done a fabulous job. A.J. got a chance to work with a wonderful cast, some of which he or I have worked with before. Brian, who was A.J.’s dad in Lost in Yonkers, directed the show and should be commended for his effort. A.J. also worked with Logan in Lost in Yonkers. They have now been brothers in two separate shows.


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