Excellent Reviews for Over the Tavern

The reviews are out for Over the Tavern and they are extremely good. That is as it should be because the show is also extremely good. In her review, Julie McHale from The Waukesha Freeman said that A.J. “… is definitely the brightest star in this show among a galaxy of many”. Her only mistake was mentioning that this is the last show of the season. It isn’t, Little Women is. Harry Cherkinian in his review from the Shepherd Express said A.J. “… takes center stage and shows remarkable poise and naturalness as the quiet questioning rebel”. What I like about both of the reviews is that they had good things to say about all of the cast members. I agree… everyone did a superb job. Click the review links to see the complete reviews.

I don’t think that I could be prouder of A.J. While I was at my rehearsal on the night that the reviews came out, out of my fellow actors asked how it felt to be known as A.J.’s Dad. I can truly say that I am more proud of both A.J. and Erin’s accomplishments than of anything I ever do. They are great kids and deserve all the praise they get.


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