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Every so often, I google my own name just to see where I am showing up on the internet. Recently, I have found references to myself in the blogs of other people. Not because of anything that I have done but for the pictures I have posted in Flickr. All of my public pictures there are marked with the Creative Commons attribution-share alike copyright, . That allows anyone to use my photos as long as they attribute the photo back to me. I appreciate that the folks using my pictures are giving my credit. I personally can’t ever see wanting to pick some random picture from Flickr to use in my blog but I don’t mind if others do.

The other day, I found that one of my photos has shown up in an article. My picture of the Boca Raton Resort has shown up in an article about Florida Renaissance architecture. I took that picture back in November when I was there for a conference. How cool is that?


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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    That is way cool!! I remember you showing me that picture and now its on So, Ansel Adams, what’s your next great picture? :)

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