Rain Storms in Southeastern Wisconsin

On Saturday night, we had tremendous rain storms here in southeastern Wisconsin. One of the local communities reported 6.5 inches the period between 4pm and 9pm. Our household did not fair too badly but it wasn’t great either. I had, unfortunately, not taken the time to clean the gutters of the spinners that had fallen in the last couple of weeks. So when the hard rain came, the water quickly started pouring over the gutters. By the time I got the gutters cleaned and the water flowing out into the yard the sump pump was not able to keep up with the flow coming in.

For two hours, Kristi and I had to bail the sump pump into buckets and pour the buckets into the deep sink to help it along. We had some water seep into the basement in several places which resulted in a few puddles but no major damages. Today we went to look at the Fox River in Waukesha near the theatre. As you can see by the pictures, the river is up quite a bit. They actually closed off one of the bridges over the river. Many of the benches near the river are under water and those large bears are usually on the shoreline.


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  1. Ruth Says:

    I was driving around today with my dad and there’s still stuff blocked off. Those apartments by the river? All flooded out along that frontage road. Pretty crazy!

    Though I have to say that I’m in love with that image of the bear statues in the water like that. Hooray! They finally get to play in the river! I was just walking through there with friends on Friday night and we were remarking on how high the water levels were. Oh if we’d only known what we were in for… ;)

    Glad to hear your house didn’t fare too badly. It’s frightening hearing some of the local horror stories of destroyed basements and homes with this flooding. You work so hard to buy a home, to pay for it, to take care of it, and then one storm comes along and so much of that hard work is just washed away. :(

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