Little Women Gets a Good Review

It only took Julie McHale of the Waukesha Freeman two tries to figure out which show is final one the 2007-2008 season for Waukesha Civic Theatre. In her reviews for both Over The Tavern and Little Women she indicates that each is the last show of this season. I’m glad she corrected her earlier mistake in the review which can be found in the TimeOut section of GMToday.

I really appreciate the wonderful comments that she made about me and my cast mates. I just wish she would spend a little less giving a synopsis of the play along with Literature and History lessons and spend a little more time on the quality of what she actually saw. As in most of her reviews, she spends five paragraphs telling us about the play, the playwright, the history at the time the play takes place, and detailed character descriptions. Most community theatre productions in the area are not first run shows like on Broadway. A paragraph or two loosely describing the plot would be sufficient.

What I want to know is how the critic felt about the set and costumes. Did they add or detract from the flow of the play? Were the actor really believable or were they just saying lines? I want to see some information that might cause the average reader to be inspired to purchase a ticket or avoid the show altogether based on the review.

All that being said, I would like to thank Ms. McHale for making favorable comments about me in particular and my other cast mates in general. She singled out every cast member with praise save three. I think those three individuals (Kerry Birmingham as Mr. March, Denise Meagher as Marmee, and Kelly Driscoll as Amy) put in the same solid performance as the rest of us and should share the credit.


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