A.J. Receives a HEFFY

A what??? Yes, you read that right. A.J. received a HEFFY award last week. A HEFFY award is a Hamilton Education Foundation For Youth award. This is the first year for these awards. They were given to Hamilton School District students “in recognition of exceptional talents and skills in leadership, creativity, arts, communications, and human relations.” The kids that receive this award also have to have fairly good grades as well. There were only six given out this year; three to Hamilton High School students and three to Templeton Middle School students. A.J. was nominated by one of his teachers and received the award due to the outstanding work he has done in the area of community theatre. Pretty cool, huh?

The Hamilton Education Foundation is a non-profit organization associated with the Hamilton School District. Their mission is to raise money to enhance and enrich educational opportunities in the district. Most notably, they provide grants to students to attend various summer school projects like UWM’s College for Kids or the First Stage Children’s Academy.


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  1. kristi Says:

    whatta kid!

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