Support The Arts

This is a plea to all of my artsy theatre friends. Please support the Arts. Both of them: Artsy Schmartsy and Artsy Schmartsier. These two blogs are maintained by Jonathan West, celebrated Milwaukee-area actor and director. A while ago, Jonathan started blogging for MKE magazine. That blog focused on the arts in our area. I started following the blog about a year ago and I have found it to be the best blog in the Milwaukee-area to discuss theatre and arts-related topics. Unfortunately, MKE magazine is shuttering its door in July, leaving our artsy friend out in the cold… well actually the heat of July but you know what I mean.

Jonathan has decided to keep the discourse of theatre and the arts going on his own. However, as we all know, the theatre is not a tremendously lucrative occupation. Therefore, he needs our help to keep the blog going. He is looking for $500 to keep things running. If you have a few bucks to support the arts, go over to Artsy Schmartsier and “Chip In.”

To answer the question: No, I don’t know Jonathan personally nor have I met him. I just enjoy his work and want to see it continue.


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