WCT Preview Night

Last night was the 2008-2009 season preview event at Waukesha Civic Theatre. This was the first time that they have held this event and I have to say it appeared to be a success. The theatre invited anyone who had come to at least two shows this season or last to come see excerpts of the shows they will be putting on next season. There was also free food and beverages as well. It was a great way for people to come and see what the theatre is going to be doing next year and if they liked what they saw, they could purchase their season tickets.

A song was performed for each of the two musicals that will be performed this summer as part of the Academy at Civic Theatre program. A.J. and Erin were part of the group that sang a song for The Dirty Room. The other A.C.T. musical will be High School Musical. Other individuals also performed songs from 42nd Street and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

Five minutes excerpts were performed from the four non-musical main stage shows that will be performed next season. Beth Perry and David Scott did a wonderful job with a scene from Wit, Mark Neufang and Jenny Kosek did a spectacular job on their scene from The Philadelphia Story, Anthony Davis and I had a blast with a scene from Don’t Dress For Dinner, and three lovely ladies whose names I have forgotten did a great job with The Cemetary Club. There was also a short improv sketch done by Doug Jarecki, Jason Powell, and Mathew Huebsch from their show which is called The Show.

I was amazed at all the things that are going on at WCT this year. John Cramer, the Managing Artistic Director, even mentioned that they plan to have a late night comedy show once a month throughout the season. Great thing are happening at WCT. Don’t miss out.


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