The Dramagoons are on a Hiatus

Yesterday we finished up Little Women at Waukesha Civic Theatre. We went out with a bang. We had our only sold-out show of the run on Sunday. It was a really good show too. When you have that many people in the audience, they seem to respond so much better to the show. After the show, we struck the set, costumes, and props.

Either A.J., Erin, or I have been a show or rehearsal since the beginning of March. A.J. rehearsed and performed in Over The Tavern during March, April, and May and fit a band concert in the middle of that. Erin had her spring concert for Milwaukee Children’s Choir in May and the Dance Tracks dance recital in June. Both A.J. and Erin also rehearsed and sang a song at the WCT Preview Event. Personally, I rehearsed and performed in Shadowlands during March, April, and May. I rehearsed and performed in Little Women during April, May, and June. And I rehearsed and performed a scene for the WCT Preview Event.

As of today, the Dramagoons are on a hiatus. We have no band, choir, dance, or theatre-related activities planned for the near future. We are going back to being regular family for the summer.


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