Pride and Prejudice

Last night, I attended the opening night performance of Pride and Prejudice by Acacia Theatre Company. I thought the show was wonderfully done. All of the actors did a superb job. I would like to send out special congratulations to two actors that I have worked with before. Jason Will did an amazing job as Mr. Bingley. I worked with Jason last year in The Importance of Being Earnest. Jason is a great actor to work with. Also Brenda LaMalfa did an excellent job as Caroline Bingley. I enjoyed working with Brenda earlier this year in Shadowlands.

This was the first Acacia show that I have been able to watch. I amazed by the size of the stage. After watching and participating in so many shows at Waukesha Civic Theatre, it hard to imagine having that much space to work with. The set made excellent use of the space. It was a nice evening and I got to see several of my Acacia friends; Janet, Linda, Therese, Lynn, and Brad.

There are two more shows this weekend and five next weekends. If you have a chance, go out and support the folks at Acacia. You won’t be disappointed.


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