A Huge Mistake for Brett Favre

Back in March, I posted an entry about how much I admired Brett Favre for the classy way that he retired from football. You can see the entry here. I take it ALL back. In March, the man talked at great length about how tired he was and that he was going to take the year off. Not just from football, but everything public including charity events. Now, just over four months later, he is on TV explaining how he talked with the Packers coach last month about coming back to the team and was told that they don’t want him back and they don’t want to trade him.

He retired and the team moved on. They had to because he quit. I don’t blame them for saying that they don’t want him back. They have made plans and strategies to work with their new quarterback. I also don’t blame them for not wanting to trade him. With all his knowledge of their team, would you want to play against him? I wouldn’t.

I think he should stay retired from football. He had a great run and he went out on top. He was league MVP three times, he went to the Superbowl twice, and won it once. He set every NFL record that a quarterback could set. If he goes back now, he’ll become one of those over-the-hill players that stayed too long. He is young enough, rich enough, and popular enough that he could do anything he wants and do it successfully. He could start his own company, go into broadcast journalism, or become a coach; anything but playing quarterback.

All right, now let’s move on.

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