Day one – Gettysburg

After our extremely adequate continental breakfast in the Days Inn in Chambersburg, PA, we packed up and drove a half hour down the road to Gettysburg. We arrived at where at the signs said was the visitor center only to find signage indicating that the visitor center was closed. Confused, we made our way downtown to a visitor information office. A very nice woman informed me that the new Gettysburg National Park Visitor Center opened only twelve weeks ago and much of the signage isn’t up yet. She gave me wonderful directions and lots of information about what we should do and see. One of the most helpful things that she did was to recommend that we hire a trained guide to drive us around the battlefield. I initially decided to take that advice because it was cheaper than putting the four of us on a bus tour. But it was such a good idea.

We went to the Gettysburg National Park Visitor Center and saw an amazing half hour movie about the battle. After that we walked through the visitor center. It contains a great deal of information about the battlefield and would put most museums to shame. A.J. and Erin worked on a Junior Ranger program while we walked through the exhibits. It really helped us to learn more about the things that happened during the Gettysburg battle in July, 1863.

Around noon, we met up with our guide. He drove us around the battlefield while pointing out the important things that happened on each of the three days of the battle. The cool thing was that he tailored the tour to us. He concentrated on showing us where the Wisconsin troops fought and answered any questions we put to him. It was so much better than the bus tour we took the last time we were here.

We finished our time in Gettysburg with a trip to Friendlys for lunch. Afterwards, we headed out on the road again and made our way to Philadelphia. We checked into our room and took a quick swim in the pool. We are looking forward to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell tomorrow morning.


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  1. dasportsguy Says:

    That sounds way cool! When my kids are finally old enough to tolerate 13 hours in a car at a time, we’ve got to make the trek eastward.

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