A Trip to Bristol

Yesterday we finished up a fantastic vacation with a wonderful trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Kristi had purchased the tickets for me for our anniversary last December and I couldn’t wait to use them. This was our third trip to the Faire in three consecutive years. We also continued a tradition that we started last year by dressing in period costume. All of us had minor tweaks to what we wore last year, becoming more authentic with each successive visit. We got there about fifteen minutes before the gates opened and got to watch the Welcome to the Faire show over the front gate.

Soon after the gates opened, we were wandering through the streets of Bristol admiring the items in the shops and interesting sites at the Faire. Our first stop was The Ded Bob Sho. Kristi and I had seen Bob and Smuj at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in 1993. It was just as funny yesterday as it was back then. A.J. said that he really enjoyed the show. Afterwards, we wandered over to the Court Glade and watched a bit of the Courtly Music & Dance.

As we made our way back to next show we were planning to see, we ran into Jane the Phoole. Both A.J. and Erin told jokes to Jane and she gave each of them a button with her likeness on it. At this point the boys separated from the girls. Kristi and Erin went to the Princess Pic-Nic in the Kids Kingdom while A.J. and I went to see The Wit of Will. That show was extremely good. Will (Shakespeare) retells one of his stories in a modern way for the average person to understand. He told the story of Hamlet for us. At times, I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

After our separate events, we met up and went to the Cheshire Chase Action Stage to see For Queen & Country – A Royal Spectacle followed by Dirk and Guido. This was the third year in a row seeing the Swordmens and even though they are extremely funny, the show has not changed much at all. We decided that we will probably skip them the next time we come. Afterwards, we ate a little bit, watched just a bit of the joust (it was too hot, too crowded, and very slow to get started) and then walked around looking in the shops.

We split up one more time in the late afternoon. A.J and I went to see Moonie, who is an extremely good juggler and tightrope walker. Erin and Kristi headed back to the Kids Kingdom where Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, bestowed the title of Lady to Erin during the Knighting Ceremony. We finished up our day by making a few purchases and heading out. We left at closing time. We had been there for the entire Faire day and we all had a wonderful time.


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